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Aluminium Foil Cling Film Rewinder PPD-AFCF600

Aluminium Foil Cling Film Rewinder » PPD-AFCF600

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Aluminium Foil Cling Film Rewinder

Aluminium foil&cling film rewinder is high speed rewinder adopts the latest electronics/mechanicalsystems to suit for rewind aluminium foil roll,it is accurate length counter,tension control with LCD touch screen controled by PLC.

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Aluminium Foil Cling Film Rewinder Details

It completes with auto auto starting rewinding,auto stop when reach setting length,auto exchanging paper core is newly developed compact semi-automatic rewinder for both aluminium foil and cling film,kitchen foil roll,bakery foil roll,catering foil roll,household foil roll,PE food stretch wrap film,PVC cling film etc.
The machine is high speed,user friendly,Less of the maintaining requirement,easy for operation.
Technical datat:
Unwinding roll width:200-600mm
Material thickness:7-50 micro
Unwinding roll outer dia:800mm
Unwind core dia:76mm/3’’
Rewind core dia:30/35/38/40mmoption
Rewind roll length:5-900m
Megnic Tension control:100N.M
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