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Aluminium foil rewinding machine PPD-AAR450

Aluminium foil rewinding machine » PPD-AAR450

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Aluminium foil rewinding machine

Aluminium foil rewinding machine is our top seller model for our global market,it is automatic for paper core loading,automatic gluing,automatic starting,automatic stop when reach setting length,automatic cut off,automatic change the paper core,automatic unload the finished roll into packking area.
It is ideal for rewinding for aluminium household roll,kitchen roll,and catering foil roll etc.

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Aluminium foil rewinding machine Details

Machine Features:
       Fully auto core loading, gluing, slitting and rewinding of foil rolls
       Complete with meter cutting length control
       Combination of both Western & Asian Technologies on complete production online and control
       With auto feeding aluminium foil speed control, alignment and adjustment
       High productivity and user-friendly
       Complete with all safety features
       Customized build to respective buyer’s requirement
Technical Data:
Raw materials aluminium foil thickness      -      0.007mm to 0.05mm
Raw materials width                    -      250 to 600mm roll width
Maximum unwind roll diameter           -      600mm diameter
Raw material mother roll core id         -      75 to 76mm (core id)
Finished Roll Rewinding Core id         -      24mm, 30mm, 34mm,38mm(or any optional)
Slitting length finished roll control      -      3M to 330M
Production Speed (basing 5M length) -      Between 7-10 rolls / minute
Unloading magnetic power brake       -      25N.M
Winding magnetic power clutch          -      12N.M
Electrical Power & Supply           -      4KW
Weight of machine                     -      1500kg
Dimension of machine (L x W x H)     -      4164mm x 1100mm x 1820mm
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